China debunks US lies of human rights abuse over new Tesla showroom in Xinjiang

AFP: A number of US politicians have criticized Tesla for opening a showroom in Xinjiang recently and they have accused the company of ignoring or supporting human rights abuses in the region. What is China’s view on this issue?

Wang Wenbin: I have noticed that the US side claims that no one should “look the other way when it comes to what is taking place in Xinjiang”. More than 2,000 experts, scholars, journalists and diplomats from more than 100 countries and regions have visited Xinjiang since December 2018 and witnessed social stability, economic prosperity, ethnic harmony and development outcomes there. Why does the US look the other way when this is taking place?

At each meeting of the 46th, 47th and 48th sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly last year, nearly 100 hundred countries spoke up in support of China’s position on Xinjiang-related issues, and opposed unwarranted accusations against China out of political motives and based on disinformation. Why does the US look the other way when this is taking place?

For some time, media outlets and scholars from many countries including France, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and South Africa wrote that the so-called “forced labor” and “genocide” in Xinjiang are pure lies made up out of prejudice and hostility against China. The aim is not to protect human rights, but to suppress and contain China and undermine ethnic unity, stability and development in Xinjiang. Why does the US look the other way when this is taking place? 

While turning a blind eye to such facts and truth, the US imposed so-called sanctions on Xinjiang based on lies long debunked by facts, only to expose its real intention to economically coerce and politically suppress China in the name of human rights. Truth stands forever, and justice ultimately prevails. When making up lies about Xinjiang, the US is helping the world see through its mask of “human rights protection”, and making its image as a “human rights defender” go bankrupt faster.

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