Cherdleys, Ryan The Leader, & Cerspence Look Through Eachother's Phones

Cherdleys, Ryan The Leader, & Cerspence Look Through Eachother's Phones
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This week, we had on three very special guests! Cherdleys, Ryan The Leader, and Cerspence! We took this opportunity with them to expose their most private conversations to the world.
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0:00 Cherdley's Monologue about New York
1:00 Ryan and Spencer Read Cherdleys Texts with his Girlfriend
2:00 60 Seconds with Ryan The Leader
3:00 Cherdleys and Ryan Read Spencer's Texts with his Parole Officer
4:00 60 Seconds with Cherdleys
5:00 Spencer and Cherdleys Read Ryan's Texts with his Mom
6:00 60 Seconds with Cherdleys and Ryan
7:00 Cereal Talk with Sean: Vidcon 2019 with Cherdleys
8:00 Interview with Evil Tyler
9:00 Goodbye and Goodnight!
Welcome to the ONLY Gen Z Late Night Talk Show. The first talk show specifically for Digital Platforms and Social Media. Plus, we have 100% less Jimmy Fallon. 1MTS fuses fictional comedy and real life issues in a way that's never been done before. In addition, you'll be able to find guest interviews featuring various notable people and comedians, odd-ball characters / celebrities walking in and out of the show, and you can even stay for a while if you'd like to check out our Podcast as well! While 1MTS started as a concept to just make a talk show in under 60 seconds, comedians and hosts Aiden Wall, Sean Kane, and Tyler DeMaise have turned it into much more than that. This late night show is definitely not like the rest. What started in our high school film studio in 2018 has evolved into a first of it's kind internet talk show, but the heart of the show remains as six 19 year olds trying to make eachother laugh week after week.
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