Today I question whether you really need to spend a huge amount of money to get a car dryer because I may have the solution right here...

My Car Dryer used in this video -

This Car Dryer is great affordable alterantive to the Big Boi BlowR Mini, Blo Air GT & the Metro Master Blaster

Please note that prices were correct at time of recording and may vary depending on economic climate.

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00:00 - Looking for a Cheap Car Dryer?
00:29 - Why do you need a car dryer in the first place?
00:46 - I Bought a Big Boi BlowR mini
01:58 - Bought a Cheap one off Amazon
02:30 - Pros of a Vehicle Blower
02:40 - Top Tips for Interior Cleaning
03:48 - Cleaning Car Mats with a dryer?

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