Chapter 6 Video

Remember to use the chapter breaks over on the right! There's no need to watch this all at once!

And don't forget to make the textbook work for you! Check out the Practice and Review, Key Terms, Chapter Summary, Issue Spotters, and Case Problems at the end of the chapter! (Answers to the Issue Spotters are in Appendix B and there's a sample answer to Problem 5-5 in Appendix C!)

00:00 - 01:49 Intro
01:50 - 14:17 Internet Law
14:18 - 15:21 Copyright in Digital Information
15:22 - 33:22 Social Media
33:23 - 35:43 Online Defamation
35:44 - 40:59 Privacy
41:00 - 41:41 Summary

And here's a link to the "Dazzle" makeup I refer to toward the end of the video, in the "privacy" section. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the link!
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