CellF Talk 20 Day Program Day 16 - Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Colon


In this episode of the CellF Talk 20 Day Program, Day 16 Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Colon, I’m focussing on going into a deep comfortable state, so that you can tune in to your cells. This is hypnotic and imaginative by nature and is designed to ease you into a trance like state. Therefore, do not listen to them while you need your full waking consciousness to function - such as driving a car, cooking, using a knife, watching small children, doing DIY, and so forth……


PLEASE NOTE: Only listen to these recordings when it is safe for you to relax deeply. Should you need to awaken throughout these recordings, you will wake up immediately.


I AM NOT A TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. This gives no medical advice. It is not in any way intended as medical advice and should not be seen as a guarantee of any outcome or result. I recommend that all physical health problems be examined by a trusted medical professional. And I take no responsibility for illness caused indirectly by failing to consult a professional.

I take no responsibility for injury from listening to these recordings, as they have been written with only the highest intentions in mind - to help create a sense of peace, joy and mental balance.

There is no magic or hocus pocus in hypnosis and subliminal messages, I can’t force you to do anything that you don’t at some level want to do. Therefore, these recordings are uniquely suited to people who want to feel good, as that's where my highest intention is for you.


Each session is design to:-

✅Ease you in to a very relaxed state of being
✅Quiet your mind and open you up for the potential of CellF Healing (self healing)
✅Focus you into the cell consciousness within your body
✅Helps you to listen to the messages that your body/cells has to share
✅Allows you to gently reprogramme your mind body system with love, appreciation and connection

You might realise you have other areas in your life that you would like to spring clean or re-programme to a much deeper level. Should you want to chat about your specific needs, drop me a line at [email protected], book a video coaching session www.feelgoodastrology.com/store/ or look out for further titles to be released this year.

Hope you enjoy this programme.


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