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How to apply for a migration skills assessment?
Engineers who seek to apply for migration skills assessment need to write a CDR report.
Along with the CDR application, you need to submit all the necessary documents required by Engineers Australia.
To get a successful assessment, you must adhere to all the guidelines of MSA.

What does a CDR report mean?
A CDR report stands for Competency Demonstration Report.
A CDR report shows an applicant's engineering competencies, skills, experiences in the nominated occupation.

It is the pathway to achieving your dream of working in a dreamland.
What does a CDR report comprise?
A CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
Three career episodes
A summary statement

What are the occupational categories which you need to select?
Professional Engineer
Engineering Technologist
Engineering Associate
Engineering Manager

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What are the required documents you need to prepare?
You must prepare a prime identification document, a passport-size photo, resume, and English language test result.
You must nominate your preferred occupational field.
You must prepare academic certificates, official transcripts, and other relevant academic documentation.

Guidelines stated by EA that you must follow:
Write your CDR application in the English language and in your own words.
Your report must be free from grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation.
You must keep your document original, do not plagiarize any information from other sources.

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How to mention career episodes in a CDR?
You need to write three career episodes, and each of them should focus on different engineering activities.
It is recommended to write each episode's narrative in around 1000-2500 words.
You must number each career episode and each paragraph within to refer to them later in the summary statement.

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