CD Projekt Red stock price has tanked

Cyberpunk 2077 is now one of the most cautionary tales in gaming but how did the botched launch of the most hyped game in history actually affect the company that made it?

Well, today we’re running it back and looking at where CD Projekt Red has landed multiple years later and after multiple patches and updates to Cyberpunk 2077.

In other news; John Romero is working on new a FPS game, more Blizzard testers are unionizing, Nintendo announced eShop closing dates, and Internal Roblox documents were stolen!

This week's 5-Second Review is all about pets as Brian tackles Stray and the Coming Soon section has a bunch of cute stuff, one scary stuff, and that real good weeb stuff (Xenoblade Chronicles 3 baby!).

Thanks for watching everyone and have a great weekend!

00:00 - CD Projekt Red stock price has tanked
02:54 - John Romero working on new FPS game
03:48 - Blizzard testers unionize
04:59 -​​ Nintendo announced eShop closing dates
06:08 - Internal Roblox documents stolen
07:22 - 5-Second Review
07:56 - Coming Soon

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