Cbus Individual Contract Proposal | FSU Response

Cbus management have tabled a proposal in the current EBA negotiations to cut Investments from the EBA.

The key points are:

- We are very concerned that Cbus management are refusing to properly explain their proposal to remove the Investments team from the EBA and employ them on individual contracts.

- Management is starting to hold meetings with Investments and have so far refused to include the FSU in these meetings. In these meetings, proposals are being put to employees that have not yet been put to us in bargaining, in spite of us asking directly. This is not bargaining in good faith.

- Management’s proposal would cause a major change in culture at Cbus, and yet there is no indication that management intends to consult with other non-Investments staff on their proposal.

Read more and join the FSU here to secure your future in the EBA: https://www.fsunion.org.au/cbus-bargaining-update-7-oct/
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