CBC News: The National | Ontario surgeries, Ukraine war, Alcohol warning labels

Jan. 16, 2023 | Ontario moves more medical procedures to for-profit clinics in a bid to reduce surgery wait times. CBC News speaks to Ukraine's foreign minister about the war and Russia's offers to negotiate. Plus, is it time to put health warning labels on alcohol?

00:00 The National for Jan. 16, 2023
00:45 Ontario to move more surgeries to private clinics
04:11 Provinces push for more federal health-care funding
06:23 Higher mortgage rates cooling housing market
08:48 3 bodies recovered from Quebec explosion site
09:08 Canadian volunteer dies fighting in Ukraine
09:28 Exclusive interview | Ukraine's foreign minister
12:01 TSB to join Nepal plane crash investigation
12:28 Human smuggling through Canada into the U.S.
14:46 Quebec premier doxxed, faced death threats
17:01 U.S. marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day
17:26 10 paid sick days for federally regulated industries
20:35 Dramatic police chase on Montreal highway
20:53 Small plane crashes on Ontario highway
21:10 Sicilian mafia boss arrested after eluding capture
23:55 The push for alcohol health warning labels
35:01 Bleak reality for women living under Taliban rule
38:16 Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada killed in Kabul
41:11 Remembering Italian movie star Gina Lollobrigida
43:36 The Moment | Vintage backyard jet ✈️

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