Casey Claar and Wendy Garrett : The Communications Function of Crystals : Contacting ET

A podcast interview with Wendy Garrett, of Conscious Living and Wendy's Coffeehouse. Get ready, this is a good one — we're taking a deep dive into the crystal, the communications function OF crystals and how the contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is happening.

2D Elemental mentioned at the beginning of interview

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00:00 Wendy’s talking to nightlights
00:20 A first peek at the beings
01:08 The first being who came to me ( an elemental ) came in a jacaranda tree
02:30 The first being who came to me through the crystal
03:15 What is required to read or see whole scenes coming through the crystal
03:50 First download: My birth into the Earth-life
04:40 Second download: The Anunnaki
07:20 The beings become real as you look at them
09:22 This is all about consciousness—how consciousness works
12:00 The state of expanded awareness
14:07 Frequencies and an unfortunate instance of frequency assault
26:30 Back to the crystals : where the heck do the eyes come from
27:20 Is there a being in particular who I work with
27:55 Criteria for being a receiver of the signals
29:46 Allowing others to experience the contact
32:04 How to go out beyond the body of the crystal and know you are receiving transmissions
32:26 Diagrams, triangulation, opening additional planes within the crystal
39:50 Bringing the beings into 3D physical view
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