Career Conversations with Tai Tomasi

Join the team at APH CareerConnect for our very popular Career Conversations series. Richard Rueda, Digital Content Manager, and guest cohosts will welcome, introduce, and engage with working blind and low vision professionals from all backgrounds. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, Musicians, Scientists, and many others will step onto the CareerConnect stage on zoom throughout 2022. Each interview will begin with a discussion on how our featured working professional started and ended up in their career, including how advocacy, determination and confidence played a role throughout their successful journey.

The remainder of the hour-long session will provide an opportunity for Transition age students and curious job seekers to ask follow up career related questions. Providing this platform for both young adults, job seekers, teachers and rehabilitation professionals allows for additional ways to network and practice informal informational interviewing.

Join us and meet Tai Tomasi, APH’s Director of Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion, (she/her/hers), as she shares her journey to APH and living a life where anything is possible.

Blind since birth, Tai considers herself fortunate to have grown up in a family that encouraged her to do everything her siblings did, as well as being mainstreamed in a public school that offered resources such as adaptive sports programs.

Tai has certainly proven that to be true. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, then a master’s degree in Public Administration, followed by a law degree, all from the University of Iowa. During and after college, she began her career with Iowa Department for the Blind. Once she’d finished law school, Tai started working for Disability Rights Iowa. Join us on March 3 to hear and engage with and find more about Tai’s career path that led her to APH. Bring your curiosity and questions.

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Instructor:  Richard Rueda

Instructor’s Title:  Digital Content Manager

Instructor’s Affiliation:  APH ConnectCenter

Instructor:   Tai Tomasi

Instructor’s Title: Director, Accessibility, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity (ABIDE)

Instructor’s Affiliation:  APH

Primary Core or ECC Area: Career Education

Target Audience:  Transition age students and job seekers

Pre-requisite knowledge:   none

Lesson Plan Goal:  Career awareness activity through live interview with successful blind/low vision professional (monthly series)

Learning Objectives: Practice informational interviewing techniques (during later part of webinar)

Materials Needed:  none
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