Career Change Resume 2022 | How to Write a Resume for a Career Change

Changing careers and trying to write your resume? This can be a real challenge. As a resume writer, I've helped hundreds of clients write resumes to land their ideal roles, including career changers. Here are the steps I recommend following:

Step 1: Do your research into the job postings for your new career. Make sure you clearly understand what the requirements for these roles actually are.

Step 2: Laser focus the content in your resume on the experiences, skills, and qualifications that are relevant to your new career. Focus on transferable skills that will make you a success in your new role.

Step 3: Leave out (or minimize) parts of your experience that aren't relevant to the role. You don't need to include everything in your resume. Including less relevant and unrelated content makes you appear less qualified for your new career and more suited for your old career.

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 Step 1 - Research the job postings for your new career
01:01 Step 2 - Laser focus your resume on the experiences, skills, and qualifications you have that are transferable to your new career.
01:41 Step 3 - Leave out or minimize parts of your experience that aren’t relevant to the role.
02:49 Resume Success Formula
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