Career Change Part 2:How to Change Your Career| 3 Tips on Switch into a different job or industry

Career Change】Part 2:How to Change Your Career| 3 Tips on Switch into a different job or industry | Case Study

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About Jade:

Jade Jing | Career & Life Style Coach

✅ Drawing on experience in 8 industries including Finance, IT, HR, Consulting, Media, Real Estate, Education etc.
✅ Over 7 years of career coaching/executive coaching/recruitment experiences specialised in local and trans-national Career Transition, Career Change, Advancement, Relocation and outplacement
✅ Worked over 400 people from 14 different countries
✅ Specialise in working with international/multi-cultural/multi-lingual, ethnic minority and/or female's career seekers
✅ Qualified Professional Member of Career Development Association Of Australia
✅ Cambridge Graduate worked in multiple fortune 500 as well small companies
✅ Certified Life and Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Business adviser

• Career Exploration, Career Transition, Outplacement & Redevelopment support
• Coaching across local and transnational Career Transition, Career Advancement, Relocation, Career-Life Style design, Confidence Building, Leadership & Professional Development
• Personal Branding, Career Mapping & Candidate Profiling
• Support emerging and multicultural leaders' career change, advancements, and reinvention from field experts into taking on management and leadership roles

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