Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

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0:00:00 Welcome
0:02:02 Importance of Job Searching & Networking NOW
0:05:20 Networking stories that apply to your Job Search
0:18:02 Upcoming Events:
0:22:20 Need help w/Boss Hunt template
0:23:10 JD says hybrid based in 1 of 2 cities. When best to ask about this?
0:27:11 Boss left. Have outside offer w/pay increase. Do I use it to leverage a raise w/employer
0:33:01 Sending emails no bites. ​I can see people read the emails, starting to lose morale.
0:36:27 How to break the addiction w/looking @ postings vs. targeting co's with BH?
0:41:26 Last intvw today, tricky salary issue, want to get w/you. How does that work?
0:42:40 Netwkg with co's where did not get the job, and were a finalists?
0:48:09 How to convey % growth in bullets for your achievements in new dept?
0:50:13 Been job searching w/multiple interviews including final round but no offers. Any pointers?
0:51:32 What do you ask the bosses, recruiters, and potential future team mates?
0:52:48 Sr Quality Mngr move to Dir level. Co's say I don't have strategy exp. How to incorporate
0:54:20 Tips on best practices w/assessments? ADVICE for out-of-state when its remote?
0:58:59 Ensure app gets seen when ATS asks if I need sponsorship?
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