CAPRICORN | 2023 Deep Dive | #capricorn #2023tarot #taropy

Brought to you by Nourish Heal Live. Tarot readings, Universe Messages, Twin Flame Readings, and Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Energy Updates are a few of the readings you will find on this channel. Nourish Heal Live videos are for Twin Flames, Soulmates, Life Partners, and those interested in Spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and Life Coaching. Most videos are infused with channeled spirit guidance and life coaching. #twinflames #soulmates #tarot #lifecoach #spirituality #selflove #wellness

All readings are timeless (even if done for a certain time frame). If you feel guided to watch or drawn to a title, you are here for a reason. If you resonate, your comments, donations, likes, shares, and subscribes (click the bell for all notifications) are loved and appreciated!

Readings cover 3 months on either side of the time of reading. You may wish to watch your Sun, Moon, Rising, 7th House, & Venus signs and the last few months to get other messages for you at this time. Nourish your body and soul, heal your heart and live your best life! #nourishheallive

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Success & Wellness Coach - Twin Flame Coach - Reiki Master - Psychic Medium - Feather is a Libra Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising, and Virgo Venus. She has 20+ yrs experience in Alternative & Clinical Medicine. She left the 9-5 hustle to work with clients around the world, publish online content, and to write books to help people manifest their truest desires.

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