Canada Immigration 2022 - The BC PNP explained

This video reviews all of the basic requirements of each of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs (BC PNP).

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The BC PNP has programs that are linked to Express Entry and programs that do not require applicants to have a valid Express Entry profile. The BC PNP also has programs that require job offers and programs that do not require job offers.

In this video, we will be discussing the following BC PNP programs:

00:00 - Introduction to the BC PNP 2022
02:53 - BC PNP Skilled Workers
13:29 - BC PNP Healthcare Professionals
17:28 - BC PNP International Graduates
24:15 - BC PNP International Post-Graduates
26:50 - BC PNP Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers
29:58 - BC PNP Tech Program
31:08 - BC PNP Work Permit Support Letters
32:22 - BC PNP Entrepreneur Programs
39:04 - BC PNP Wrap up
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