Can You Influence the Interviewer Alex Freund 2021 12 03

Many psychological factors underlie whether an interviewer chooses one candidate over another. Although there are some aspects of the interview process that you can’t change, like your height or whether an interviewer has certain preferences, by uncovering the six underlying mechanisms of influence, you can subtly tip the scales in your favor.

Interviewing is a competition, and this presentation will help give you the edge so you can be slightly better than the previous or next candidate. And sometimes that's all it takes. This presentation builds on psychological concepts formulated into practical, expert tips that you can use right away, like how to structure your speaking style to appear more credible. You'll learn how influencers use such factors as reciprocity, how herd behavior can work in your favor, and how using the concepts of familiarity, authority, and scarcity can help land your next offer.
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