(calm + rain version) extravert personality + social skills | subliminal

this is not unisex! there are some affirmations solely referring to females.

affs include:
- love yourself
- be confident
- free from all mental health issues
- be mentally strong
- be very lucky
- be extremely beautiful
- look absolutely amazing every day
- angelic beauty
- beautiful body
- great posture
- be really attractive
- people love you
- be completely comfortable around people
- be amazing at talking to people
- make friends easily
- you treat people with respect
- people treat you with respect
- be able to stand up for yourself and others
- have a high vibration
- be kind
- have a wonderful personality
- people love your personality
- be relaxed
- have amazing social skills
- people are naturally attracted to you
- be socially confident
- easily initiate conversations
- people love talking to you
- be able to make friends with everyone
- have a kind and good heart
- put love into the universe and therefore receive love back
- attract love and appreciation into your life
- love social interaction
- gain energy from social interaction
- always get included in conversations
- be popular
- be a popular and happy girl
- have an amazing smile
- angelic presence
- be approachable
- have a clear speaking voice
- be able to keep conversations going with ease
- have a wonderful social life
- always see the best in everyone
- be very positive about everything
- everyone admires your positivity
- be appreciated
- people love being around you
- be good at making others smile
- have a lot of patience
- give good advice
- absolutely love all your friends
- be grateful for all your friends
- be grateful for everything
- love life
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