Call forward list of GC central selection intake 2022.

Call forward list - https://www.army.mod.uk/umbraco/Surface/Download/Get/22677
कुनै प्रश्न सोध्न परेमा -
Instagram Link -https://www.instagram.com/gorkhali_of...
check it out -
INTERVIEW practice .
Education required for British and singapore selection.
Scar, Birth Mark and Stretch Mark भए के हुन्छ?
- https://youtu.be/bwkbmVApCU0
Central update 2022 .
- https://youtu.be/WtyAePtubgE
How to improve heaving.
For New inatake. - https://youtu.be/Qn6KT9uxNAo
Stay Focused // - https://youtu.be/c9eFmhNu_qw
Central selection importanta form / intake 2022
- https://youtu.be/pr2AP6jhPkc
Medical tips for British and singapore Gurkha selection.
English speaking मा के के गर्न पर्छ ?? BRITISH AND SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE.
- https://youtu.be/i0A0191y-nY
Gurkha भर्ती हुन कहिले बाट तयारी गर्न पर्छ??
Medical tips for Regional selection // British army and Singapore police force.
Camp भित्र के के लग्न हुदैन ?? British and singapore recruitment.
- https://youtu.be/jVe7_sft6d0
Process of Regional selection// intake 2022
- https://youtu.be/Vg95hShYAKA
Regional selection update// 2022
- https://youtu.be/Vn7rDiEs5Ng
If you did not get select in this year what would you do ?? // interview both BA or GC
GSPS (Gurkha Staff Personnel Support) British army.
- https://youtu.be/aCQON9wUQTs
How did you get information about BA or GC??
Band of brigade // Bitish army Regiment
- https://youtu.be/ChxAq9Gc2As
QOGLR ( Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiments )
Q.G.S.( Queens Gurkha Signal) // Gurkha Regiments
- https://youtu.be/ByP9zqb5v-E
Q.G.E ( Qeens Gurkhs Engineer)// British army
- https://youtu.be/tKDdFwUaGgg
Medical Check up at Regional selection intake 2022.
`Why should we select you?` British and Singapore army interview 2022.-https://youtu.be/XHupm7X4T8Q
History of Brigade of Gorkha // Interview British army // 2022
- https://youtu.be/LGQMS2ZhtZY
History of Singapore police force (GCSPF)
- https://youtu.be/JoXZ1E4fU1o
What is your Strength and Weakness? British or Singapore army interview/ 2022
Tell me about Brigade of Gorkha . // Interview tips British army.
- https://youtu.be/l-SoGYdrAek
Why do you want to join British / Singapore army ?? interview tips intake 2022
Tell me about your Family / How to give your best anwer.
Documentation regional - https://youtu.be/j5DlvNro5Kk
Regional selection Physical exam detail// intake 2022 -https://youtu.be/EZWCRUIHznA

Regional selection updates// intake2022- https://youtu.be/dak2E2x2-Ss
nepal army salary 2078 - https://youtu.be/zWz62GpDYog
Very Important Notice About Online Registration 2022//
- https://youtu.be/KlncYtOupTc
यति धेरै changes किन ? अब के हुन्छ ? // intake 2022
British Army Gorkha Nepal Facebook live - III // 2022 intake
Time and Work Math Problem solve// British and singapore army// 2022 inatke
British Gorkha Nepal Facebook live -II /2022 intake
Scars Detail 2022 intake - https://youtu.be/MZlEiTUmmkU
Teeth Checkup Detail // Intake 2022 -https://youtu.be/rSX4KoVqhuI
Question Answers done by British Gorkha Nepal Official//2022
Medical check up // BRITISH ARMY AND SINGAPORE POLICE //2022
Functional Movement Test -https://youtu.be/wW_Y8arLce0
New call forward list कुन जिल्लाको कहिले कहिले registration हुन्छ -https://youtu.be/ZgTJ1a2QUSE
All Physical Test // British and singapore army -https://youtu.be/uAyZDTcKVhM
ntake 2022 detail -https://youtu.be/hJvTkqoR6TU​​​​​​​​​...
Repeated lift and carry -https://youtu.be/coybPw_AsUo​​​​​​​​​...
How to improve running -https://youtu.be/eC0Iuo5MVRQ​​​​​​​
intake 2022 detail -https://youtu.be/hJvTkqoR6TU​​​​​​​
Repeated lift and carry -https://youtu.be/coybPw_AsUo​​​​​​​
नेपाल पुलिसको पद र हुद्दा -https://youtu.be/UMekbu94h9s​​​​​​​​​...
तालिममा के के हुन्छ ?? - https://youtu.be/h8Dqy7o-JAQ​​​​​​​​​...
Basic requirement for ASI and Inspector -https://youtu.be/5H9EN4AUoKA​​​​​​​​​...
Physical test for Inspector and ASI -https://youtu.be/yfm3rxeK3pU​​​​​​​​​...
Physical test for APF Nepal . ( ससस्त्र बन्न के के गर्नु पर्छ? ) - https://youtu.be/iSFNswJzEOc​​​​​​​​​...
कहिले कहिले खुल्छ भर्ती ? - https://youtu.be/rfuYmJ02W2w​​​​​​​​​...
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