Call Center Sales Success With Richard Blank Interview (Call Center Training Expert in Costa Rica)

In this video, Michael talks with Richard Blank a successful call center owner and sales trainer, located in beautiful Costa Rica! In this video, Richard shares many tips on cold calling and how to become successful with cold calling. If you have more questions, be sure to leave a comment on this video! Check time stamps below for interview questions.

Interview Questions
00:00 intro
01:56 Why did you open a call center in Costa Rica?
05:36 Why are cold calls better than cold emails?
08:18 What is a good percentage of answered cold calls?
10:54 Tips for cold calling?
23:10 How do you develop new salespeople?
27:26 When should a business consider using a call center?

Send me your tough questions about sales and I may answer them in a future video!

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