CA Exam Nepal Topper (CAP III) Among First Attempters | Interview By Pradip Basnet | Anup Sharma |

This video is an interview with Mr. Anup Sharma who has recently passed CAP III exam in first attempt. Anup Sharma is a very brilliant student who passed all three levels of Chartered Accountancy examination, CAP I, CAP II and CAP III in first attempt.

In the examination taken by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal in June 2021, only six students were able to pass CAP III examination among which two of them passed in first attempt, and Anup Sharma is one of them.

He has scored the highest marks in CAP III among the two students who passed CAP II in their first attempt.

CA is a prestigious, responsible and rewarding profession. It imparts the best combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience with analytical as well as technical skill to look after the entire operations and management of the modern business organisation. At present there has been rapid transformation in the scope of Chartered Accountants. Globalization, liberalization and revolution in information technology have totally changed not only the scope of CAs in financial reporting but also other many areas.

Chartered Accountants, today hold top management position in public as well as private sector. By dint of professional qualification and specialized knowledge, the Chartered Accountants are rendering various types of consultancy services like formulation of profit planning programme, guiding the managerial decisions, feasibility studies, investment proposals, tax management consultants and so on. Apart from the traditional work of performing various types of audit, many CAs are serving private and public sectors in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Finance Director, Chief Operating Officer, Internal Auditor etc. There is a sustained demand for qualified, trained and experienced Chartered Accountants day by day. Chartered Accountants are also holding key position in Government sector. Having vast and specialized knowledge in financial matter their services are recognized by the Government, Public as well as Private sector leading to placement at various level in the f i eld of accounting and management functions. Rapid changes in economy brought by globalization have further opened opportunities to the Chartered Accountants for many challenging and rewarding career options. Due to the increasing demand for their services, the average earning/ remuneration packages of Chartered Accountants has also steadily increased.

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