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We will go over several key C & C++ ideas and questions that are frequently asked in any interview in this video on C & C++ Interview Questions and Answers. There are basic, moderate, and advanced level questions in this set of C and C++ interview questions. The questions are a mix of multiple-choice, output-based, conceptual, and programming questions.

Table of Content :

00:00 HKR Trainings
00:18 C & C++ Interview Questions
00:53 What is C & C++?
05:44 Types of storage Classes in C?
08:33 Uses of the keyword static?
09:22 Difference b/w const and macro?
11:28 Volatile variable in C?
14:09 Can we have a volatile pointer?
14:45 C++ access specifiers?
19:41 Encapsulation?
21:12 Example of Encapsulation?
23:01 Inheritance?
25:00 Pure virtual functions in C++?
26:38 Abstract class?
26:56 Reference variable in C++?
27:52 Assignment operator in C++?
28:49 Difference b/w equal and assignment operator?
31:24 Various arithmetic operators in C++?
32:05 Namespace?
33:26 Use of 'using' declaration?
34:01 Difference between object and class?
35:52 Constructor and how is it called?
36:54 which the constructors are called?
38:07 COPY CONSTRUCTOR and when is it called?
38:57 Operators that cannot be overloaded?
40:39 Virtual destructors? and its used?
43:37 Difference b/w malloc and calloc?
44:39 Purpose of realloc()?
45:14 Dangling pointer?
46:25 Smart pointers?
48:41 Design Patterns?


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