Business Owners -- Look For Patterns in Your Online Reviews -- And Change

One-off review? Okay. Five reviews that all talk about the same thing?

Maybe there's some truth in it.

00:02: Intro

01:11: Read your worst reviews and track word counts.

02:58: What are the commonalities in your reviews?

04:11: Does your website help manage expectations or create gaps in expectations?

04:49: How does a client know what it’s like to work with you?

05:49: “What if that [negative review] is true? What on Yelp is true? What on Trustpilot is true?”

06:31: But as business owners, we should do as much as we can as far as it has to do with our side of the street, with how we present ourselves, with the expectations that we have to communicate in a way that has hospitality, joy, honor, integrity, and, and quite frankly, that all boils down to respecting our customer.

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