Burke The Buzz Lightyear Guy | To Infinity and Why Eternals Got Bad Reviews | Book of Boba Trailer

Today we discuss the incredible transformation of this BurkeTheNerd channel to now and forever the Burke The Buzz Lightyear Guy. I have seen the fan demand for my rebranding and here it is, this is what you all wanted. I will now only be making Buzz Lightyear content indefinitely breaking down every trailer, doing exclusive theory videos and discussing the extensive Buzz lightyear and Star Command Lore, Pixar's new Toy Story off shoot adaptation is just the beginning of what I am titling the Buzz LightYear Cinematic Universe, BLYCU for short. Oh yeah and other comic book and movie stuff. Today I will be discussing why Eternals got bad reviews, reacting to the new Book of Boba trailer, and giving my review of two movies that I had the pleasure of seeing this week: Last Night in SoHo and Halloween Kills. Join us To Infinity and Beyond I guess.
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