Building & selling a 7-figure business at 22 with only ONE employee | Vilen Interview

0:00 Intro
1:26 How did the business start?
4:30 Is pressure any good?
8:06 What you have to become
9:18 Was it a brand or dropshipping store?
9:49 Dropshipping vs. Brand
11:56 Worst mistake in online advertising
14:44 The approach to ads
17:28 How to test creatives
20:13 How much to spend on testing?
20:55 How to craft converting videos?
21:57 Quality vs. Structure
22:23 Where to source winning creatives
24:10 Where most of the creative work happens
26:43 Work Ethic
28:48 Organization
29:33 The value of time
33:19 How ESS helped
34:39 Conclusion

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