Building custom search layout experiences in SharePoint with Microsoft Search

During this 24-minute developer focused demo, Jyoti Pal shows the latest out-of-box capabilities in Microsoft Search using Adaptive Cards. Customize search results layout using templates in Search Layout Designer (effectively Adaptive Card Designer). Result Type layouts from Graph connector (GA) and from SharePoint content (Private preview). Include content in search result from outside Microsoft 365, using the Graph connector. Call to Action – Participate in Private Preview and provide feedback on Graph Connector search. Informative Q&A. This PnP Community demo is taken from the weekly Microsoft 365 Platform Community call recorded on September 28, 2021.

Demo Presenter: Jyoti Pal (Microsoft)

Supporting materials:
• Documentation - Manage search result layouts – Things to consider |
• Registration - Result type customization for SharePoint content - Private preview |
• Feedback - Microsoft Search with Graph connector content |

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