Build Long-term Resilience with Adam Markel

When we think of resilience, we think of being able to “roll with the punches” and “bounce back” after uncertainty or change. But resiliency expert and bestselling author Adam Markel encourages you to aim higher.

Join us for this special show as my guest, Adam Markel, will share his insights on how to actually embrace change—to find the creative opportunity in uncertainty, as opposed to simply riding it out or reacting to it.

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Joe Soto is an in-demand digital sales and marketing advisor who has shared the stage with some of the top marketers in the world. Since starting his company, Revenue Inbound in 2010, companies such as Pearson Education, Oral B, and High Point University along with influencers like Tai Lopez, Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, and other New York Times bestselling authors and speakers have sought out Joe’s expertise for online marketing help.

He also was also a lead trainer for Tai Lopez and his Social Media Marketing Agency, SMMA course among others.

Joe’s mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs around the world successfully leverage the power of digital sales and marketing in their business so they can have more time and freedom in their lives. Originally from the Midwest, he currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Lenee and their 9 children.

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