BTO Webinar: Stress at Work, 10 March 2022

With the focus now more than ever on employees’ mental health, in this webinar, we discuss the topic of stress at work.

We look at the legal implications of stress at work from both a civil and regulatory perspective and consider the importance to employers of ensuring the appropriate management of incidences of workplace stress.

Aspects of workplace stress that we cover:

- The HSE Management Standards
- What we can learn from some of the important case law in this area
- How to manage workplace stress during the Covid pandemic
- Issues relevant to the defence of stress claims

This webinar will be of interest to employers and insurers.

Dawn Robertson: [email protected] / 0131 222 2939
Accredited Specialist in Employment Law

Amy Anderson: [email protected] / 0141 221 8012
Health & Safety, Regulatory and Criminal Defence

Alistair Barbour: [email protected] / 0141 221 8012
Solicitor Advocate, Personal Injury Claims

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