BTA's Chris Rock Moment

All John Eckstrom of CBE wanted to do was give IBPI, the office equipment industry's largest buyer's group, a quick plug during the BTA Spring Break event in Orlando FL.

During Eckstrom's speech, UTEC's Kevin Van Kannel, a long-time industry pariah, then assaulted Eckstrom onstage in front of a mostly cheering crowd.

There has been bad blood between the two dealers ever since Kevin beat John in a hot dog eating contest to determine who would own a potential newly formed combined company, OMG-CBE-UTEC-NFW.

Official count showed Kevin winning the 60-second contest 95 hotdogs to 3. Kevin's performance, a talent he learned in college, was dominant. 

We reached out to BTA General Council Bob Goldberg who told us he will provide an official comment after he reviews the video and stops laughing.

More on this breaking story as it unfolds.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.
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