Bruce Hurwitz Presents MEET THE EXPERTS with Scott Peloquin on Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

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Scott Peloquin, ChFC is the Chief Executive Officer of benefEx benefit consulting, headquartered in Florham Park, NJ.

His recognition that employee morale was decreasing during a timeframe in which employer contributions to employee benefit programs were dramatically increasing profoundly affects the benefEx approach to employee benefit plan design. Mr. Peloquin’s notion – known as the “Employee Perquisites Paradox®”– has become widely recognized as one of the immutable frustrations of employers with respect to their employee benefit programs.

An industry veteran with more than 3 decades of experience, Scott led the consulting team that developed the PReACTIVE Insight® process. This proprietary methodology, designed to combat the above-cited paradox, helps provide employers with specific strategic guidance they need prior to undertaking any benefit re-design initiatives.

A passionate advocate of free-market economics – and a recognized expert in health insurance and benefit financing and employee morale – he is frequently featured as a speaker and panelist at employee benefit conferences nationwide. Scott actively campaigns for a more open and unencumbered line of communication between employers and their employees, and fervently believes he and everyone at benefEx are helping clear the path toward a more sustainable, affordable health care and employee benefit system – while also helping satisfy the majority of its participants.

"If you believe you’re losing the health care game, benefEx will help you change the rules!"

About our interview he says viewers will learn:

• How can an employer tell whether their interests are aligned with those of their advisor?
• How can employers determine which benefit plans to offer their employees?
• How can employers avoid paying retail for their employees’ claims – and save their employees money in the process?
• How can employers avoid paying for their competitors’ claims – while also saving money for their own employees?
• What’s a “PMT Sort” – and how are savvy employers using this simple tool to help their employees choose the right plan for their own unique circumstances during open enrollment?

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