Boris Tseytlin, ML Engineer: Job Search, Interview Prep with ANKI, Prediction Markets

Boris Tseytlin, an ex-Yandex ML Engineer (Computer Vision), shares insights from his successful job search in Europe:
- LinkedIn does not work, but HackerNews does
- Need to make 100+ applications to get an offer
- Negotiations bring +30% in salary
- ANKI and teaching help learning
- Crowds predict wars
Boris's TG channel: https://t.me/boris_again

00:00 Intro
00:30 Boris's background, experience, and education
02:55 Job search: where and how
11:30 How to skip assessments
13:39 How to pass assessments
15:09 Interview failures: Cool stories
21:11 Takeaways from the interview process
23:13 How to negotiate job offers
35:02 Study tips: ANKI et al
40:59 Prediction markets: Crowds predicting catastrophic events
44:54 How to embrace predictions and change: Improv
53:53 Outro

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