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Technical Recruitment training for fresh graduates and recruiters, IT recruiters are in demand, and a skilled recruiter is one the agencies are looking for. We at the staffing circle provide technical recruitment, sourcing, screening, and selection training services through our platform.

The Staffing Circle Academy aims at creating a community of staffing and recruiting industry professionals where they learn, grow, network, find jobs, and discover opportunities for great careers within India, Canada, the United States of America, & United Kingdom. We deliver quality training services online, consulting services to staffing agencies looking for any custom training or software services, and advisory services through one on one and in a group.

Our Mission
We are on a mission to teach, train, coach, and place staffing and recruiting industry professionals from HR, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Legal, and Technical Recruitment background within staffing and recruiting agencies in India and the United States of America.

Our goal is to deliver industry-ready staffing and recruiting industry talent that serves the demand generated by the staffing agencies for recruiters, managers, leadership, and senior roles within the company.

Our Vision
We vision ourselves as one of the growing communities of staffing and recruiting industry professionals for careers, learning, networking, and collaborations. We want to become a go-to platform for hiring freshly trained recruiters, a place to find seasonal recruiters and other professionals in this industry, and other opportunities.

if you are interested please visit our website | email [email protected]
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