BLOWDRY and BRUSH SET the TOP for MAX VOLUME Hair Tutorial

Prep your wet hair with your favorite volumizing product and let's set!

Section out a horse-shoe shaped section on top, and divide that into 2 sections with zig-zag parts. (this won't leave separations in your blowout)

Dry each side of the sections while holding the section up high and keeping the ends contained around the ceramic brush. Dry from multiple directions, focusing on the roots until they are dry. When roots are dry, move down to the mids and ends. When fully dried, switch to a boar bristle brush. Make one final pass with the boar bristle brush, then gather all the hair on the brush. Pull up and forward until you reach the ends. Wrap the ends around the brush and roll down to the scalp. Clip the first brush on either side to your scalp. Clip the 2nd brush to the hair going around the first brush. When hair is completely cooled, removed pins and brushes. Brush through and part where you like :)

Hope this helps you get MEGA VOLUME.

Tip: This is a great way to get volume AND keep your hair out of the way while you're doing your makeup.

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