Bitcoin Debate With Michael Shellenberger

Michael Shellenberger is the bestselling author of "Apocalypse Never" and "San Fransicko." He also is the founder of Environmental Progress. In this conversation, we discuss bitcoin and why we don't see eye-to-eye on it. Topics include common core values, confiscation of wealth, security of assets, use cases for bitcoin, and Cyprus banking crisis.

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0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Michael’s Thoughts On Bitcoin
3:00 - Common Core Values
5:45 - Bitcoin & Crypto Debate
9:30 - Regulation
10:30 - Bitcoin Embodies Free Speech
13:00 - Private Property Rights
15:30 - Confiscation of Wealth
19:00 - Security of Assets
23:20 - Cyprus Debate
30:45 - Relationship Between Government & People
36:15 - Use Case For Bitcoin
43:15 - Central Banks & Currency

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