BIO How to Read Biography Like a Writer - Gerald Howard + Steve Paul

This event in BIO's "Reading Biography Like a Writer" series features guest Gerald Howard and his intriguing book selection: the late Patricia Bosworth’s MONTGOMERY CLIFT, which he describes as “the best celebrity biography (so-called) of the past fifty years” and a model for all “biographers who have to deal with sad and scandalous aspects of public figures, especially in the arts.”

Gerald Howard is a recently retired book editor who worked with numerous biographers over the course of his career. He had the pleasure of reissuing Bosworth’s biography of Diane Arbus in the mid-nineties when he worked at Norton. His essays and reviews have appeared in The American Scholar, the New York Times Book Review, n+1, Bookforum, Slate, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and other publications. He is currently writing a biography of the influential editor and critic Malcolm Cowley.

Howard was interviewed by Steve Paul, BIO board member and member of the online workshop committee.
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