Big Tech Turning A Blind Eye To Counterfeits on Their Platforms

BIG TECH platforms like Google MUST do more about counterfeits on their platforms. Honest, hard-working small and medium size enterprises are having their businesses decimated by Chinese counterfeits and our governments and BIG TECH are doing little to nothing to stop it.

This short video compilation shows what it is like for my art business trying to compete on PAGE 1 of Google organic search results with numerous Chinese counterfeit domains. This short video shows how the counterfeiters selling their illegal goods show up on page 1 Google search results, sometimes even before my own company website shows up.

You do the right thing, you send in your DMCA takedown notices Google will eventually remove the url only for the counterfeiters to just rename the url for a new web page selling the same counterfeit product to show up over, and over and over again. Google is made well aware that these illegal products infringe on my copyrights and trademark but they refuse to deindex the website simply pulling down a url here and there. THIS DOES NOTHING to stop the counterfeiters, Google knows this.

Small business owners such as myself with only one employee are forced to spend their entire days compiling the urls of the counterfeit products. I can't paint, I can't market, I can't do all the things I NEED to do to run my business as I am forced to spend my time doing a job I should NOT have to be doing.

The U.S. government needs to do something. These platforms are NOT above the law. BIG TECH needs to be held accountable for promptly removing all counterfeit domains once they are reported.

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