Bhupal Nobles' University Udaipur Day 4th Symposium in Law & Legal Studies Dt - 28-03-2022

The host Bhupal Nobles' University Udaipur Organised an Online symposium from 25th - 31st March 2022 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (IST) on the theme - covering private law, common law and civil law titled as "The Changing Cocepts of Liability and its Variables". The program has been in association with GIAUS Institute - in the aegis of the founder members of International Institute for Advanced Legal Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina. hence the program's co-host and co-organiser was Hon'ble Professor of Private Law - Dr Salvatore Tolone Azzariti, University of Oxford, University of Palermo, and Universidad De Buenos Aires. The organiser of the event were Bhupal Nobles' University Hon'ble President Professor Naresh Bahadur Singh, Hon'ble Registrar Parbat Singh Rathore, Dean Faculty of Law, Assistant Professor Dr Ashutosh Pitiliya, Public Relations Officer, Dr Kamal Singh Rathore, Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Convenor and Coordinator Dr Jayshree Singh, Associate Professor, HOD English, FOSSH, BNU Udaipur.
The fourth day of the symposium had the Honourable Dr Pranjal Kumar Phukan - Founder Member of INSC & Founder Member of Common Minds. He discussed about Liability under Contract. The Hon'ble Associate Professor of Law, Dr Alok Kumar Yadav, University of Lucknow, Uttar Prades delivered his talk on the topic "Tortious Liability of State". The Honourable Chartered Accountat of Private Equity, Udaipur Dr Mahaveer Chaplot discussed about "Indian Budget 2022 and Its Critical Impact". Professor Salvatore Tolone Azzariti spoke about "Breach of Duty and Breach of Contract" in terms of Civil Law. The session was chaired by Professor Chandra Prakash Gupta, Dean Faculty of Law, Apex University, Jaipur. He provided valuable inputs, remarks and critical view towards the emerging relevance for revisiting the Law of Tort and Liabilities both in national and international perspectives.
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