Beyond the bottom line – Social reporting, and company performance

“The more your company can show its purpose in delivering value to its customers, its employees, and its communities, the better able you will be to compete and deliver long-term, durable profits for shareholders.” - Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEOs

Major economies around the world are mandating disclosure on social issues in the mainstream reporting channels of companies. Last year, the SEC in the US introduced that publicly listed companies should disclose in their filings, when material, their human capital resources and any associated objectives and measures.

Across the EU, the Non-Financial Reporting Directive has led large public-interest companies to report on issues pertaining to, amongst others, social and employee matters and respect for human rights, and the related policies, outcomes, risks, and indicators. Moreover, the EU is in the process of introducing legislation that would make human rights and ESG due diligence across supply chains an obligation for many companies operating in the EU, which could reframe the materiality of such issues for companies.

Join CDSB as we examine social reporting, current good practice reporting methodologies, and why companies now have to start looking beyond the bottom line.
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