Best Resume tips for an awesome resume !

Making resume for the job application is one of the toughest task but with all the tips i have discussed into this video this process
will be made super easy for you and you will be ready with a resume for your dream job , so if you are a fresher or a experienced professional
and are confused on how to make the best resume that could land you a job you should check for the tips i have discussed into this video.

All of the tips if applied correctly can get you multiple offers, you might be having the most ceative resume but if your resume lacks the basic
principles of resume writing you are loosing on a many opportunities.

So some of the astonishing facts i have discussed into this video are "
Resumes with a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% better chance of hearing back" , "76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address"
So these tips will help you stand out from the competition and instantly build relationships with whoever is reading your resume (increasing your chances of hearing back and getting hired)

So the topics discussed into this video along with the timestamps are -

0:46 - Topics into this video
1:30 Best Resume Tips
7:52 Challenges you might face if you are not applying these tips (supported with data)
10:26 Which is most important resume tip

Cultivated culture resume survey - https://cultivatedculture.com/write-a-resume/
Cloud generator - https://monkeylearn.com/word-cloud/

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