Benefits of Mortgage Note Investing in a Self Directed Retirement Account


Join NuView to hear from experienced fund manager, Jamie Bateman of Labrador Lending, explain how this niche asset class works, the benefits of note investing (with real case studies!), and some different ways that you can access the asset class.

Mortgage Note investing is a unique type of real estate investing which benefits the investor without worrying about tenants and toilets. The investment is backed by the collateral of physical real estate. By purchasing a note, the investor essentially becomes the lender on the property and collects principal and interest payments. These payments are backed by the real estate so if the borrower does not pay the investor has the right to foreclose on the property. Mortgage note investing can take many forms including investing in 1st lien notes, 2nd lien notes, performing loans, non-performing loans, and note funds run by experienced managers.

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