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Marilyn has been a figure in my life since before I can really remember, she's present even if you have never seen her movies or even an interview of her because she's referenced high and low and her image is slapped on anything in order to make it sell. But the life behind the image is one of deep sadness, determination but also hope. We're talking about the truth of her life here, and also assessing the reasons as to why she did the things she did, and why the public, still to this day nearly 70 years after her passing, still hold her so dearly in our hearts.

I couldn't include every little detail of her life, but I've covered most of it, and cleared up a bunch of that messy misinformation that's out there too. There's nothing that bothers me quite like a liar. More to come in part 2, the script was 30 pages so I've condensed as much as I could into two 15 page videos.

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00:00 Intro and trigger warnings
02:26 Her Childhood, if you can call it that
10:31 Sweater girl
11:37 Married Dullness
19:18 This is the end of Norma Jean
21:34 Bit Part Beauty
23:29 A wolf at the Window
25:52 A new face
29:16 In the Nude
31:50 Love sick, happy tour
34:50 Unrequited Love
36:30 All about Marilyn
43:56 Arthur Miller, part 1
46:30 Natasha Lytess...
49:02 THE Oleg Cassini dress
49:28 Have you met Joe?

Yhara's video:

Resources used for this video:
Marilyn Monroe: Private and undisclosed - Michelle Morgan
My Story - Marilyn Monroe with Ben Hecht
Marilyn in her own words - compiled by Neil Grant
IG - Perfectly Marilyn Monroe (seriously a fantastic resource of the truth of her life): https://www.instagram.com/perfectlymarilynmonroe/?hl=en

Music used:
Old Moon Ode - These Old Bones
Music is from Epidemic Sound
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