Beginner Guide - How to find Architecture Job in Canada (step by step)

Finding an architecture job in Canada can be challenging and overwhelming. In this video the process is broken down in 7 steps.

- RAIC architect associations: https://raic.org/raic/provincial-territorial-associations-architects
- RAIC job board: https://raic.org/raic/job-board
- OAA (Ontario Association of Architects) job board: https://oaa.on.ca/knowledge-and-resources/careers-and-opportunities/employment-opportunities

Recommended Videos:
- More architecture job tips; https://youtu.be/ULowG6EfVxo
- Portfolio Tips; https://youtu.be/35qEgGLBWxI

Video Chapters:
0:45 Step 1: Location
1:28 Step 2: Evaluate
3:08 Step 3: Research
6:21 Step 4: Apply
7:45 Step 5: Be Patient
9:06 Step 6: Ask Questions
9:37 Step 7: Get Creative

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