Before You Go And Fire 900 People Over Zoom, Call Us

The news of the CEO of Better.com laying off 900 employees over a Zoom call is making waves this week, and rightly so. While the company prepares to IPO, and is cleaning up its balance sheet to do so, layoffs of 900 people are significant human events that require skill, thoughtfulness, and proper execution. Most importantly, however, layoffs require a level of empathy.

Layoffs are a natural process of doing business. Businesses upsize and downsize all the time in response to fluctuating market conditions. The key to getting layoffs right, however, is understanding what is most important at that time - the people.

During layoffs, human beings' lives are being upended and a primary concern for most people is how they are going to feed their families going forward. How are they going to find a new job quickly? These are all real questions that individuals face when they hear the news of a layoff.

That's why outplacement services are so important. Not only do outplacement services provide individuals affected by a layoff with the career documents and coaching necessary to find a new job, but the consultation and support of skilled professionals in the job market is crucial to success.

In fact, individuals who use Employment BOOST outplacement services find new jobs in 1/3 of the time it would've taken had they not been provided outplacement services. Those weeks are pivotal when it comes to money in the bank and providing for themselves for individuals in between jobs.

That's why, before you go and fire 900 people over zoom, give us a call: https://employmentboost.com/outplacement-services/


Employment BOOST is the leading boutique career consultancy specializing in professional resume writing, career coaching, job search advice, college planning, and corporate outplacement services. With an in-house, full-time staff of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC), and Recruiting Partners, Employment BOOST leverages an unmatched, 20-year history of career services and recruitment expertise to help clients land their dream jobs and move forward in their careers.

To learn more about our services, visit https://employmentboost.com.

Whether you're looking to position yourself for a promotion at your current place of work or you are looking for a new job and challenge in your career, Employment BOOST's industry-leading team of career experts is ready to help you plan and navigate the business landscape. We're in your corner.

Some typical career questions our clients ask:

- Should I look for a new job now or later?
- How do I ask for a raise?
- How do I know when it's time to ask for a promotion?
- What is the difference between a professional and executive resume?
- Does my company need outplacement services?
- How do I answer the question: tell me about yourself in an interview?
- Is it OK to move from job to job?

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