Basic Worker Rights In Canada - 7 Minutes of Safety

The basic health and safety rights of workers in Canada.

For this edition of 7 Minutes of Safety I am going to provide an overview of the basic worker rights in Canada. In the early half of the twentieth century unions battled, bargained and fought for basic worker rights in Canada. Thankfully, workers now have and enjoy 3 basic rights in Canada, the right to know of the hazards involved with their job, the right to participate in safety processes in the workplace and the right to refuse unsafe or dangerous work. Have a look at the video and leave comments.

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Added some informative links for refusing unsafe work in the US:

OSHA Right To Refuse -
OSHA Exercising Any Right Afforded By The Act -

Rights to Refuse in Canada
BC -
Alberta -
SK -
MB -
Ontario -
QC -
NB -
NS -
NL -
YK -
NWT and NT -
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