Basic Compliance Group 2 Session 1 - Build to Last Prg 2022 _ Precious Mvulane

Entrepreneurs have been working on module 3,4, 5, and 6 Basic compliance
Now having an opportunity to ask questions and prioritise action plans

1. Each participants share what they have learn and what they are prioritising
2. Going through compliance assignment
3. Discussing areas where most entrepreneurs fail in compliance
4. Discuss questions and areas of concerns
5. discuss templates and checklists available to help and ways to learn and practice!!!

Basic compliance cover
- companies act - shareholders and directors
-Tax payers - income tax and value added tax
_Dept of labour - UIF and other including labour relations act and basic conditions of employment
- Trading : POPIA, ECTA, NCA etc

EMP201, EMP501, IRP5, IRP6, etc Payroll and others
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