Baptiste Greve on The Magic of Using The Graph

Listen to the full episode: https://www.grtiq.com/grtiq-podcast-53-baptiste-greve/

Episode 53: Today I’m speaking with Baptiste Greve, Project Manager at Edge & Node and Founder of Orbis, a decentralized version of Twitter built on Ceramic and Arweave. Baptiste is an incredible talent – someone who has a rare combination of abilities, ranging from software development to marketing to being, as Baptiste says, a “builder.”

During our discussion, Baptiste talks about his journey into entrepreneurship, which culminated in the launch of his first enterprise, Unimersiv, a successful VR educational experience. Baptiste then talks about his path into crypto, launching his second venture, MyDeFi, and how he was first a user of The Graph and then went to work at Edge & Node.

We then shift the conversation to how Baptiste recently launched Orbis, what it is, and his long-term vision for the project. All along the way, Baptiste shares interesting ideas and information that I’m sure you will find insightful.
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