Back To The Territories #03 | Lance Storm Calgary

From Klondike to Stampede, Stu Hart’s Canadian territory saw many changes, more than just in name. There were ups

and downs, successes and challenges, but Stu built a legacy and a family in front of Calgary Stampede Wrestling’s


In this edition of Back to the Territories, join Jim Cornette and guest Lance Storm as they delve into the history

of Stu Hart’s territory and the Hart family itself. Go inside the Hart Brothers’ training camp where Storm was

trained and hear about the dynamics of the family. Learn the names that built the territory and the names that Stu

built. There are great stories about legends like Archie Goulding and the Dynamite Kid and their roles in Calgary.

Head up north and add Calgary to your scholarly trek through wrestling’s great territories with the always

entertaining and informative Jim Cornette and his guest Lance Storm and head Back…to the Territories!
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