Back to the Office of the Future - webinar recording

VOVID has changed how and where we work. Employers hoping to bring staff back to the office will need to take steps to ensure each day in the office is a positive and beneficial experience for staff, including some who may be reluctant to leave the safety and comforts of their home office.

In this presentation, GGFL partner Natalie Evans and our panel of guest experts dive into three critical areas that every business leader should be carefully considering as part of their back to the office strategy.

The Law – Employment lawyer Sheri Farahani of Emond Harnden discusses the legal issues surrounding employer and employee rights and obligations when employees are required to return to the office, company vaccine mandates and health & safety requirements.

Engaging Leaders & Employees – Margo Hoyt, Managing Director, Talent & Leadership at LHH, discusses the challenges and opportunities for business leaders seeking new and improved approaches to leading teams, managing performance and building company culture.

The Office Environment – Mandy Sutherland, Senior Consultant, Applied Research and Consulting with Steelcase, discusses how the office environment can be used to foster collaboration, learning and company culture in a safe physical space.

Recorded November 24, 2021
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