Back to Business Series : Ask the Lawyers, Business Legal Basics

If you are going to have a business, then DO it the right way. Build it on a strong foundation and protect the legacy that you are creating.

For the Fall, the Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce presents our Back to Business series that is all about walking our business community through topics that aren't usually discussed but are extremely important to having a sound and solid business. Other topics will force business owners to think and act on ways to protect the wealth that hey are building. Don't miss the sessions. They will be live on YouTube.

Our first sessions is Ask the Lawyers: Business Legal Basics.

We will cover the fundamentals of starting a business and the important considerations that must be taken into account. How do you incorporate? What are the different types of legal structures for a business? Why is an EIN important? What is a DUNS number? What are your annual responsibilities as a small business owner in Florida? What is a Business tax Receipt? Typical start up business mistakes and more.
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