Azure Functions and GraphQL - what a combo!

An Azure Function API exposing a GraphQL endpoint using an embedded SQLite database. Just awesome!

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⌚ Timestamps
00:00:00 Start
00:00:11 Introduction
00:01:11 Dependencies
00:01:56 Executor
00:03:35 GraphQL Function Endpoint
00:04:46 Query
00:05:46 Configuration
00:07:38 CORS
00:09:59 Up & Running
00:10:41 Add the Database
00:13:48 Sorting & Filtering with GraphQL
00:16:41 Extending the Graph
00:20:29 New Employees Query
00:23:09 New Employees UI Page calling GraphQL
00:27:34 UI Enhancement


Demo is here:

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#graphql #sqlite #azurefunctions
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